Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Collaged Journal Cover

I made this journal for a friend and am very pleased with the way it turned out. I first made a support of collaged printed papers and applied a light coat of gesso. When that was dry I brushed blue acrylic paints lightly to color the background but not cover the text completely. Next I used my own carved stamps to print the background with acrylic paints. For the garden girl, I used a stamp I carved and stamped her on bristol board so that when I cut out the image it would hold up. I used a light brown ink because I knew I would be adding color, which I did mostly with colored pencil s and some markers. Next, I cut out her dress interior and adhered fabric from behind and then glued her on the blue stamped background with gel medium. Below is more of the same blue stamped background that went on the back cover of the journal.
The Zutter Bind it All binding system is terrific and I like using it to make quick books and albums.

This is the largest stamp I have carved so far. Maybe a bit too big, because I had to temporarily mount it on a large Judi-kins stamp block just to be able to handle it when I stamp....and she still doesn't fit completely on the wood. But I was able to stamp her image anyway.

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