Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stamp Carving

Since stamp carving has become new love, I wanted to share some stamps that I carved this week. Here are just a few. With these three, I used the pink Speedy Carve by Speedball. This rubber is very sturdy and forgiving as you carve, so pieces don't break off as you are cutting out your design. This rubber holds up to all kinds of abuse and especially cleans well like manufactured vulcanized rubber.
I have really enjoyed the challenging aspect of carving my own rubber. Trying to add as much detail as possible increases my skill level. One thing I have learned is that this takes practice and you cannot rush the process.
Since it is only 1/4" thick, when stamping with it can be tricky. I like to mount them on thick craft foam, it is about 3/8" which is thicker than the enormous craft foam selection at the craft stores. Keep your eyes open for it and every now and then you can find it. I stamp an index on the craft foam with Staz-on (let it dry for about 10 minutes first or it will smudge...I know, Staz-on is supposed to dry quickly, but certain surfaces are different and this is one of them). Then I mount the foam to the rubber using E-6000.
Having these stamps mounted makes them much easier to use without inky finger smudges.
For all you stamp addicts, if you have not carved yet.....what are you waiting for? Try it, but give yourself a learning curve and don't give up quickly.

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  1. These look great. How'd you get the leaves so even inside the clover circle (referring to the 3rd stamp listed)? Very nice.


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