Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Autumn is blogging....

Welcome to my blog. I am not sure about doing this, so let's see how it goes. Nothing has to be written in stone, but apparently when it goes out on the internet it's there for eternity. Wow. Anyway..... I will be posting mostly my creative ideas and other related items.
You can view my site at http://www.autumnhathaway.com/ with a good selection of my creations, which have been evolving throughout the years, (you probably got here from there).
Art journaling is one of my biggest loves. Combining collage or illustrated imagery with my thoughts, dreams, and written events of my life is very satisfying for me. Interestingly, although I have been doing this for years, I have yet to loose interest in my art journals.
Stamping is my big love. I just love to stamp. I tell my kids (Rosemary 14, and Abraham 12) that life is all about stamping, and they do what all good teenagers do, roll their eyes. But what I am truly saying (and they know this)is that it makes my heart happy. That is why so many of my journal pages have stamping somewhere on them, if not all over them. Even stamping the words with alphabet stamps is meditative.
Ok, well there is my starting point for blogging. And I said I didn't want to blog.

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  1. Hi Autumn! I discovered you through Jane's wonderful book. I will enjoy stopping by your blog from time to time and seeing what's new with you. Art Journaling has been an exciting journey for me, also. I have always kept a diary, but this year decided to try spicing it up a bit. You can see mine in the slideshow on my sidebar. I love the pages in yours. So colorful. Glad to meet you!


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