Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quilted Collage Journal class

This past weekend, I taught my Quilted Collage Journal on the South Shore, hosted by Marissa, of Broken Branches, she is very talented jewelry maker. Starting far left is Marissa, Me, Rachel, Susan, Mandy, Helga and Elyce. Thanks to all you great, talented women for joining me. And thanks to Marissa' husband, Jim for happily going on food runs for us. We had a fun fiber filled weekend. The fabric was flying....take a look. Here is Marissa, using a skein of fluffy pink fiber for embellishing her journal, which works well as a lovely scarf too!
Susan and Mandy showing off Mandy's handiwork with her Janome 6600 which she used to embroider Susan's name on her outside cover.
Marissa's fabric layout for her outside cover, before she pieced it together. Mandy made an aquatic gem, focusing on her fish fabrics. Some of these she painted and many more came from her stash....which was huge. Sea Life was really happening here. Helga, (Marissa's Mom) who is an experienced seamstress. She enjoyed learning something new and needless to say she finished first. Helga's outside cover embellished with shells and sparkly green beads that she couched inside the spine. Helga's outside back cover. You can really see the detailed stitching she used with her machine. She and Marissa created these fabrics together after my Irresistible Fabric Painting class last week.
Susan's journal was made with cool watery colors with
whimsical bold flowers. You can see she quilted her
inside cover with different colored stitches and topped
it off with cute quilted pocket
Mandy and Susan having fun in class.
Rachel made her outside cover using rich purples,
golds and metallics, and added brown leather.
Rachel in the foreground and Elyce in the other room.
Elyce's vibrant outside cover. She wasn't sure she wanted to
embellish the cover once she finished piecing it, but once
she started.....she didn't want to stop.


  1. Hi Autumn, Nice pics :) I really enjoyed the class. Thanks so much. xxoo Susan Stokinger

  2. I had a fantastic time! Soooo much fun! Thank you!


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