Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.......better late than never!
I think Valentine' Day gives us a chance to create the cards we didn't quite get a chance to do during the Holiday rush and even better, they can also serve as Thank You notes for Holiday gifts. I spent the week in Kennebunkport for Winter vacation (home for one day for a special dinner with my Sweetie). After having several days of extreme Valentine creating/giving I am finally back and connected to the web for the day. So, now I can share some of my creations. First of all, let me state how fun good old fashioned embossing is! I know many of us stampers, are familiar with embossing, but if it has been awhile, pull out those powders and heat tool have fun. Of course a new stamp always helps, like this one from Judi-kins.
Here are a few that I started 'sort of slowly' with and there are still more that I am not posting, even one with a raw silk cover for my fiber friend. Friends make the best Valentines. Friends and family. Here you can see my new doily lace border punch from Martha Stewart. I love this tool and cannot believe I have not used a border punch before.
Making the pop-up heart was so easy, and impressive. Of course, I am always a sucker for any of the Basic Gray papers. After I finished these little gems, I was ready to venture into the serious Valentines for the three super stars in my life. My husband and children. I decided to make these triptych style cards that are pretty much a booklet.
Trying to remember the orientation of the valley and mountain folds, which was confusing at make three inside panels. Each one stamped on, windows cut out, pop-out made and more embellishments.
I used the ties to secure it closed like a book or to tie open to display on a table.
I had brought all my supplies up to Kennebunkport where we were staying and had everything spread out on the dining room table. Everyone left me alone, they could see I was in Heaven, and I wouldn't allow any peeking. I was so busy making these triptychs and time was running out, so that by time I finished them, all they got from me was a simple "love Mom". Oh well, I am sure they felt the love.
The outside of my son's Valentine....what else do you do for a teenage boy? I could have gone crazy with the grunge factor. But time was running out. What am I saying? I could have gone crazy with more and more embellishments on all of them.
But I had to get a grip.
The image below shows a window with a heart attached inside hanging down, it was moving when the picture was shot so it is a bit blurry. The stamp on the left is from Paper Source
More masculine style with lots of black ink.
I guess my family is used to my creations and every now and then they will try to play my crafting games (sometimes I do force them). Last Saturday morning before we left for Maine, my husband got up early and went into my studio and created a card for me. How sweet! Check out how well he did! Yeah, I must be rubbing off on them.
I hope everyone had a day full of love. Remember if you don't have a special someone in your life right can sometimes be just the right thing to make something lovely like this for yourself. I have a friend who made one of these triptychs at my house last month during a "Craternoon" and a few days later I im'd her and asked what she was doing, and she said she was admiring her Valentine. Love is all we need.


  1. WOW, Autumn, these are GREAT! Thanks for sharing. You are always an inspiration!

  2. Autumn.. these are beautiful and yummy. Vacation and creativity.. what else can you ask for?
    Hey, look for my beeswax post this week on my blog.

  3. I have to say, the card your husband made is very nice. Layers AND stamped images. It's a keeper for sure.


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