Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Legally Impressed New to my Etsy Shop

Stamping on envelopes has been something I have enjoyed doing for years.  With all the stamps I have carved. I decided it was time to bring some boring legal envelopes to life and offer them in my Etsy shop.
Sending snazzy envelopes is so much fun.  And trust me, the recipients are always pleased to get something colorful in their mailbox.
I use pigment inks mostly from Color Box and a few from Brilliance. I like the clear, vivid color pigment ink gives to all the impressions. I also save money by using Cut N Dry foam pads. I only buy reinkers and use them on the cut up pads. I even mix my own colors. And since it takes a lot for them to dry out, I don't worry about keeping them covered.
This is my blotter pad.  I go through many pages of blotting.  Using a discraded pile of old leger print-out paper from a friend's office has been a terrific way to repurpose.Let me know what you think of my new line, and tell your friends and family to take a look too.  They make clever little gifts.  I will be adding many more Legally Impressed sets to my Etsy shop. So check back again.   


  1. Autumn.. my god, these are beautiful.. I love them so much. Your stamps are adorable and the colors are striking. A bright idea, indeed!

  2. Thanks so much Judy, I am having fun with them.


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