Friday, May 28, 2010

My Very Own Carved Stamp

Another drive by well, I actually should have posted this with the last post, bad.  So, last week while I was enjoying the 'kids at school, I'm in the studio time...' I got a call from my friend Michelle.  My, my friend who is a fancy schmancy Bio-Chemistry Scientist...(I cannot tell you what kind...again, my bad),  who just returned from flying around the globe to do her work, engaging  and educating others....Yes, the world.  This particular trip she started in China and then ended in Japan.  Hey, the last time she traveled for work, she went to Mauritius, a country (island) south of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and other regions there about. For work! Seriously, all that Science has to pay off somehow. Ok, back to China, she was in Shanghai and found a vendor selling......STAMPS! Yes, hand carved stamps in some kind of stone with the most beautiful carving on the outside.  Well, just see for yourself, and it came with an adorable little fabric case. I was so happy to hear her about her journeys and was really thrilled for her. I loved imagining her going to all those exotic places and in hearing about this great experience, but man, when she said 'I got you something' and reached for her bag, I couldn't help myself, I said, "Did you get me a stamp?!"
Yes, she did...I tell you, I can smell stamps. How cool is this?
Well, of course that called for a journal page, even though I have been too busy to journal much. Today was the perfect day for it and I guess that explains why now is the time to post this blog. Thanks Michelle.

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  1. How cool to get a stamp from across the world... it's looks so cool. Wish I could touch it. Love what you're up to.


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