Friday, June 11, 2010

Building a Playground

My current Moleskine sketchbook is getting some good attention. But nothing makes me happier than to use up leftover paint on a book, so not long ago when I was finished using gesso on used the leftover in the palette and on the brush on a blank page in my journal. I stamped with the gesso and cleaned my brush off onto about 80% of the two pages.  The flower clipping is from a B&W copy adhered with gel medium but I avoided letting any gel medium get on top of the paper because I wanted to see how absorbent it was.  As I was hoping, it turns out, it was very absorbent. When the gel medium and the gesso were dry I used Versamagic Spanish Olive and smeared the ink into the 'Art' area, then went over it with a watery brush. Next I added Dr.Ph. Martin's Concentrated Watercolor in Ultra Blue. My notes from this original experience, next say Crimson, but at this time I don't know what that, paint, you never know.  But I do know I next added Purple Lake by Cotman's watercolor. Then I stamped the flowers in gouache. When it dries you have a perfect playground to write or collage on top, or both.  Now go play. 

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  1. Autumn.. those are delicious pages... That looks like it was fun to do too.


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