Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Journal 2010, Volume 9

Well it has finally come and gone. The Summer Journal has come and the rush to get it finished has gone.  Every year I have the best intentions to have it complete by the kid's last day of school, for that is when I officially start journaling for the summer. And even though last week I got together with some girlfriends for me to teach them how to make this quilted little gem, and even though I did start my own Summer Journal at that time.....well, I was still in the weeds to get caught up and have it finished in time.  But as of last night I was totally caught up, entries and all.  Now I have time to blog.....oh wait, I don't have any pictures of the finished book.  Well, here is a peek of the cover (on top).  At one point my daughter, Rosemary came into my studio and I influenced her to stitch the button on the flower for the cover. Yes, it took some coaxing. My kids mostly hate to do anything craft related and this was a milestone for her to sit down and do this.  Of course posing for the camera, my little drama student pretends she loves doing this. Yea, right!  

But truthfully, this is how she feels.....

Ok, maybe not quite so extreme, but that is the kind of resistance I get when I say, "Let's make something!"  I stole this picture from here  massive collection photos that she was creating for her Facebook profile. This one just seemed apropos.

I will post more on the SJ-2010 later, I am off to my friend's house to work on a huge scrapbook for her Father's 80th birthday.  We have put a lot of time, love and mad skills into this puppy. And, let me state now if I have not done so before, I don't scrapbook. ; ))   Anyway, I will try to share it with you very soon. 

Happy Summer, let the games begin............


  1. Autumn I adore your art it is wonderful. You are so talented!!

    I am having a Designer Artistic Giveaway I would love you to join!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Autumn.. you are such a tease.. I want to see the journal.. all of it. Please take pictures of the book you're helping make for the birthday... I bet it's very cool. I don't scrapbook either, but we can take it to such a higher level.


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