Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Busy

Being busy this time of year is natural way of life, especially with kids. June and December are full on.  I have been committed to helping friends with different creativity projects and of course, I find my days in the studio are delightfully full. Please don't get me wrong, I offered to help with my friends and any busy time in my studio is appreciated. So I am happy to be making stuff.  This week I had the opportunity to help out a notable organization in the Boston area, The Edinburg Center.  They held their annual fund raising dinner last night and I created some botanical collages for their raffle.  Here they are finished. Below they are without the green acrylic, that I mixed up to apply in a distressed way that is the shabby look that is so popular, I couldn't resist doing that with this pair of 12x12" wrapped gallery canvases.    
Text papers, music sheets, all collaged on the canvas with paint and love.  I was proud to donate this sweet duet.  I could have gone crazy with adding more collage elements to these two, but I wanted something simply stated.
The night was hosted by Billy Costa of Kiss108 and TV Diner (he is in the picture below with me and my friend Kit Lilly).  He did an inspiring job with the auction and the whole evening.  Funny we were all done by 9, which is when the 7th game of the NBA Finals started....hmmm? Oh well too bad it didn't turn out better for us.  
I have also been working on a very special scrapbook with Kit for her father's 80th birthday.  We have had several full days of working on this serious book one of which was today.  Tuesday, (which now seems like yesterday) I went to my friend Robyn's house to coach a workshop on my Quilted Collage Journals and of course I started right away on my own summer journal.  More pics later but for I am pooped.

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  1. Beeeutiful collages, Autumn. Can never go wrong using music paper.


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