Monday, October 25, 2010

Floral Damask Hand Carved Stamp

Carving my own stamps is my main focus these days.  I simply LOVE IT....(yea, I know writing in all caps is like yelling.) But I could just carve designs all day.  I uploaded some more hand carved stamps into my Etsy Shop. This damask floral design is so sweet, I am trying to resist going into my studio and stamping with it.  For instance stamping out a huge repeat pattern to make some beautiful gift wrap or just using it in my art journal.  I think this is so lovely, and it would be perfect for making your own wedding invites, thank yous, save the dates or many more uses.  It is looking like I will have to carve another of this same stamp just for me.   


  1. Hey Autumn, this is gorgeous, but I want to see what the stamped images look like! PLEASE??? Is it really worth selling the stamp? At least DO carve another for yourself so we can see what fabulous things you'll do with it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jane, If you follow the link to my Etsy shop you will see it stamped. Yea, I need to carve another one.

  3. Autumn... just gorgeous... you have a knack for the carving, cuz I try and they don't come out as good as yours. I guess lots of practice too is the key.. beautiful.


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