Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Quilted Table Runner

Many years ago I decided if I was going to do sewing projects, then my carefree style had to be embraced.  When I was a teenager working at Hancock Fabrics I was surrounded by women who made their own incredible clothes and made it look easy.  As much as I tried to eagerly embark on patterns and fabric and follow the directions of the patterns, my clothes just never came out right.  I gave up trying to sew clothes but never lost my interest in sewing, and kept it alive with baby quilts for my kids, curtains, pillows, pillow cases, cushions and even re-upolhstering several pieces of furniture.  When I started rug hooking, I was reunited with of my love of fabric and made a decision that my sewing machine was not going to be "put away" had to have a permanent place in my studio.  My collage art and book art grew and it was an easy fit to incorporate sewing into my projects Also my love for quilts and my desire to make them was growing stronger.  So I decided to make what ever quilting projects I wanted and forget about perfection.  Last fall before my 50th birthday, I made wonderfully imperfect quilted table runner. I was planning on posting it then, but never got around to it.  So here it is.  I must say I love it!
 My very talented fiber soul sister, Robyn was throwing out some of her quilting scraps and I literally pulled a big pile out of her trash, salvaged them and used a good many of them with my scraps and some fat quarters I had collected to create this quilt.

I simply cut strips of fabric and pieced them together in a very
casual, collage style.  Happily, I did not give any attention to accuracy or straightness of the piecing. My joy was playing with all the fall colors and making this beauty big enough for my dining room table (with the leaf added).  I just made sure all the strips were wide enough. It measures 82" x 26".  I got a beautiful color of wonderful high quality thread for the quilting and again did not worry about perfection.  You can see my uneven quilting stitches here.
This is not being entered into any contests. But I am proud to say this is my style of quilting and it feels so good to let myself off the hook of quilting perfection. When I put this runner on my table I get tons of compliments.  And I know why, I followed my love of quilting and created something of beauty without worrying about perfection.


  1. Wow.. that's just beautiful... You truly captured the fall season colors, Autumn... You should be proud... just gorgeous!

  2. I think it's a perfect quilt! It's so beautiful.


  3. I love your runner - the colours are wonderful and I can tell that you really enjoyed making this. I can see why you get so many compliments on it - it is beautiful.

  4. I adore this! It's just the inspiration I needed to continue with free-form!


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