Sunday, January 30, 2011

SketchBook Challenge One

 I was wanting to work on the SketchBook Challenge sooner this month but it just never happened. Jane Davies' post the other day helped to inspire me.  So I grabbed one of my empty wire bound journals and started on the first page by adhering some dress pattern tissue, and a few bits of torn text pages.Starting the first page of a journal can be intimidating so I always like to use my name as an intro. And since I had carved a logo stamp several months back, it just seemed right to use it. I smeared some Adirondack Cranberry ink around and stamped a few things.  Art is just another way of keeping a diary is a stamp I have had for many years from Stamper's Anonymous, I love it and stamped it at the top and it is not very clear, but I think that makes it even more interesting, plus it seemed appropriate.  I was down in my studio which is not where my computer is, and my memory of the theme of January's challenge was 'beloved', the actual theme is 'Highly Prized' but I am going with it.  What is highly prized  and beloved to my creative process  is without a doubt stamps.  Rubber stamps, carved stamps and even silicone stamps.  Rubber stamps hold a special place in my heart and I love proclaiming to my family "Life is all about stamping!" It is my metaphor for discovering something the you love and takes you on many adventures.  That is what stamps have done for me.

I grabbed several of my favorites off the several walls of stamps I have displayed on shelves (I don't like keeping them in drawers because I want to see them, love them and be inspired to use them) and I proceeded to stamp a two page collage with my beloved, highly prized stamps.  Kudos to all those wonderful stamp manufacturers who through the years have indulged my love for stamps: Hero Arts, Stampington, Judi-Kins, Stampers Anonymous, Cat's Life Press, Magenta, Michelle Ward, Amuse, Paper Bag Studios, Acey Ducey, B-Line Designs, Invoke Arts and dozens more and some that are no longer around. So if you have trouble with your sketchbook page....grab a stamp and see what happens.


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