Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crown Collage for Gingersnap Creations Challenge

This week's challenge on Gingersnap Creations  was to use crowns in our creations.  Now, I know that crowns are everywhere in designs, scrapbook supplies and other things. But I wanted something different, not the vintage, French elements collages that are everywhere, however nothing wrong with these designs, they are romantic, beautiful and very appealing. As I was looking on Etsy for inspiration and perusing the countless digital collage sheets available I came across this one in a shop called Gallery Cat.  A great shop that even offers some of those lovely romantic collage elements I mentioned above, but when I saw the hen, a bird and even a pig wearing a crown, well that was it for me.  I purchased the download, printed it out and got busy creating a fun, colorful collage complete with a sassy crowned hen. I assembled other small elements like  a piece of a Paris map, a stamped crown from Cat's Life Press and made a tag from a Hampton Arts stamp of a bird egg study and colored it with Prismacolor pencils.  The design under the hen is a toner transfer image of clip art.  This collage was playful and carefree and even as I was creating it the song  King of Anything by Sara Bareilles came on the radio.  I though it was perfect so I had to share.   


  1. How lovely and different! I will check out the references you provided.

  2. How beautiful, Autumn! I think, perhaps, Prince William should check out this very regal Hen. Nothing against Kate Middleton, of course! :)

  3. Autumn!! I saw your make on Gingersnaps--it immediately caught my eye, since we have chickens . . .

    ANYWAY, love the colors, design, the whole thing.

  4. Fantastic piece! I love all the elements! Wonderfully done!

  5. Your Royal collage is magnificent! I am sure this regal hen will find her way across the road map to the palace! Delightful piece and I have never heard this song by Sara Bareilles before and it is perfect, it had me dancing in my kitchen! I am going to download it right away. Cheers!


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