Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art Journaling

Art journaling is such a relaxing and inspiring process.  I have my friend Megan coming over today to do just that.  I always have pages ready to be filled with words and more imagery. Below are painted pages from several different journals.  This one is from a journal I made with large blank index cards. This page has a light coat of gesso, papers adhered with gel medium, stamped images and a wash of watercolor.
This next one in my Moleskine was just watercolor with an image stamped in gouache. The same stamp and gouache that I used in the journal above on the left. Almost hard to notice 
Watercolored page with random doodles. 
Another journal that I adhered envelope papers to the pages first. You know the insides of all those envelopes that come in the mail have such great designs. Then a bit of dry brushed gesso, stamps, paper and the outside wrapper from a book of postage stamps. 
On this page I adhered some paper and added acrylic paint.
Then with a some stamps and a watery coat of gesso it gave it a whole different look. 
These pages are ready for my words and more imagery.Which is what I did on these following pages. The first one had a big portion of printed paper and a chipboard frame.  

 I do enjoy the process of stamping out my words, it is very meditative and relaxing.  
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are inspired to pick up your journal and have fun.


  1. Girl.. you are so good at this. The colors you use are breathtaking. I'm sure you a fun day with your friend.

  2. I love the combination of colors in your journals!

  3. You have inspired me to get to my journal. Lovely colors and combinations of desings.


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