Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journal Fodder Junkies

Journal Fodder Junkies is a website by two artist and journalers who have a terrific straightforward book about art journaling.  The Journal Junkies Workshop written by Eric M. Scott and David R. Modler, published by North Light Books in 2010, is a perfect inspirational, how to for anyone, and I mean anyone who wants to express themselves by combining written and visual elements in any sort of notebook or sketchbook. This user friendly compendium invites readers to easily engage in a relaxed approach to creative journaling. Scott and Modler deliver several simple techniques and easy methods to chronicle your journeys on embellished and colorful pages using any type of book. However you choose to express yourself this book has no uptight rules, just genuine inspiration to go have fun in your journal...on any page at any time.You can also find some good how-tos on their blog. Now, I am headed to my journal to try a few of the techniques I learned in The Journal Junkies Workshop. And seriously, for all you art journalers out there? You have to admit this is a a great title.

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