Thursday, March 17, 2011

Never Send Naked Mail

When ever I send any correspondence in the mail I make sure to use a lively stamped envelope. Of course this was the thinking behind my line of Legally Impressed stamped envelopes available in my Etsy shop. I think it has a happy influence on everyone who comes in contact with the transport of the envelope. Hopefully the mail carriers enjoy it as well as the recipients.  It simply seems like such an easy way to uplift and bring a smile to those who see the envelopes on what ever journey they are taking. The journey of the envelopes and the people.  
This morning I was in a hurry to send some items out, one by mail and a hand delivered payment to my kid's piano teacher who works at the school and thought I would drop it in her mailbox there. I didn't have any stamped envelopes available and I  had the thought to send these items out in blank envelopes!  GASP! What was I thinking?  But  I quickly came to my senses,  and ran down into my studio and stamped these lovelies.  It took me about two minutes (literally, if that) and made me so happy to do it and I just know others are going to be delighted in the receiving of them.  I reminded myself of a motto I garnered many years ago...."Never Send Naked Mail", because anyone can do that and  millions do. But I will be the one in millions who takes a moment and shares the art.  

Note to self: Go stamp a stack of these and keep them within reach .

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. These are beautiful envies, Autumn... I would love to be the receiver of your mail. Your stamps are just lovely.


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