Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Twitter

Well, I am now tweeting. I am not going to say how I resisted it for so long and always wondered what the big deal was (okay, maybe I just did?). But I am going to say how much I like that it connects me to people interested in the same thing I am, designing with paper, fabric (wool included), inks, paints and oh yes, stamps.  I like to follow other random people and companies too. I carved this stamp awhile ago and used it yesterday and was inspired to create some blue bird Twitter type designs.  And what did I discover this morning? Twitter is celebrating their 5th birthday today!  Well, that was all I needed to throw this fun blue bird of twitter happiness together to fly right into my Etsy shop.  A set of five blue bird items for five dollars....really? And with all that handcrafted detail....well this is a huge bargain.  Go see it in my shop here and be a sweet tweeter and let me know what you think. And if you are not tweeting...well, thats ok, I am just glad you stopped by.

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