Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Adventures in Mixed Media"... I'm in this book!!

Well I am happy to announce that my work is featured in Jane Davies' newest book titled "Adventures in Mixed Media".  She presents another playful and  inspiring book that will invite crafters to delve into their creative spirit. With many ideas starting with making collaged papers and even making fabrics from these papers, Jane gives several ideas for making fun items from these colorful papers and fabrics.  
Such as boxes, shrines, paper dolls and of course books and journals and speaking of journals, that is exactly what I contributed to this volume. 
Similar to the Quilted Collage Journal above aka The Summer Journal.  Check back later for big news regarding this particular project I have in the works.  But for the time being go buy Jane's book here
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  1. I just received this book yesterday, and am so anxious to get into it--your work is so lovely!

  2. Thanks so much Diane. I truly appreciate you nice comment.


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