Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art Journaling from the Past and Video Gaming Gibberish

I am not sure how it has already been two weeks since my last post. What makes me feel better is that I'm one of tens of thousands of bloggers who bemoan overdue blog posts. So let's move forward.  When I had my girlfriends over last week to work on our collage on canvas project,  I was showing them some of my many art journals and came across some older entries. 
What I like is that they are all positive and inspired entries. Times when I lift myself up with affirmations or applaud myself for being in a really good place. Either way, I like the feeling I get when I read these and remind myself of the power of my positive attitude. Helps me maintain more of the same.  

Whatever the excuse I use to feel good it works and I think these pages are a nice representation of those good feelings and the dreams I am inspired by. Let me know what you think.  

And now, because I absolutely know
  I'm not the only mother who is totally confused by her teenage son's video gaming vernacular 
I wanted to share this quick story.  The other night while cooking dinner my son Abraham was nattering on and on (and on and on....) enthusiastically about a new PS3 game. I only heard blurred doublespeak and became even more confused as he tried to sincerely explain more details of  Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Zombies, Map Packs, World at War, Call of Duty, MMO and I'm not really sure what else. I told him if he wanted me to understand what in the gaming hell he was talking about he had to draw me a picture. So we did just that on the kitchen chalkboard. Sorry it is fuzzy but you might get the idea. I think I did....umm, a little bit. 
There is so much to know and what game is related to the others, which ones they play online with their buddies using their bluetooth, which ones have volumes I, II and III and on and on. And he doesn't play during the week, how do they learn all this stuff? Whew, well at least I got a little bit of an idea and as my girlfriend says, "When the Zombies come and invade the Earth we know our teenage sons can protect us and our lives will be spared!" 
No doubt I'm safe and so are all you other patient mothers (and grandmothers) of teenage gaming sons. 

And if you want the recipe for making your own chalkboard, here it is from Martha Stewart.
Have a great day....and BTW, I love followers.  


  1. Autumn.. all I have to do is look at your work and I feel lifted and inspired and being the creator of all this, you should too.. ALL THE TIME!!! I have daughters; no gaming here.

  2. That's hilarious! I got a text message from "Zombie Farm" last night... Something about being "invaded". I was a little freaked out- seams someone was sneaky playing on my phone! Boys!

    Your journal pages are BEAUTIFUL!! :D

  3. Thanks Erica and Judy, love art journaling but I got other projects that need my time too, including teens ;/

  4. The pages are gorgeous! As usual. Thanks for posting. I continue to be amazed and impressed with your art journaling and art practice generally. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nice comments Jane. Thanks so much.


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