Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

The Sketchbook Challenge has been distant in my focus this month.  But as I found time to create a page or two to contribute or 'meet the challenge' I started this page and had an instinct to draw a tree.  Now please believe me when I say I did not check on the Sketchbook Challenge site this month yet to see what the theme was, I was just too busy.
Above is my initial sketch in my moleskine journal. You can see the tree on the right. I wanted to paint the tree and the stenciled numbers in acrylic to make sure when I added a wash of watercolor all over the page, (which I regularly do on my pages) that the tree and numbers would stay put. 
By the time I added stamps and a quote which is personal to me, I had checked on the SBC site to see what the theme was well, obviously I was happy with my inutition. Now, I just have to add my own personal thoughts and my page will be finished. But undoubtedly I will be adding more small images, doodles, stamps or collage.  Ahh.... a  journaler's page is always long in the finishing. Which I guess you could translate into more branching out? hmmm.  
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