Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Building Art Journal Pages

A very easy way to create art journal pages is to start with adhering torn text, music paper or graph paper to a blank page. I usually use gel medium but a glue stick works well too as long as you are heavy handed with the application.
 When this is dry you can add washes of color like acrylic paint. I like using the economical craft style acrylic paint versus artist quality acrylic paints on my pages because they are less glossy and therefore the pages don't stick together. When applying color go lightly with the color in some areas with the paint to create different values of the color. And when using two colors that will muddy when mixed, like purple and green place them right next to each other to avoid mixing them and ending up with a lot of brown on your page. This keeps these contrasting bold colors vibrant.
Other than that rule, I really allow myself to be carefee about color placement and just play.  Using different colors along edges of  the page ads a sense of grounding and gives the eye a nice landing place.  This can be top, bottom or sides or any combination of.  Add some random stamped imagery, in this case I used my own hand carved stamps with gouache.  Here again, I think if you work along the edges of the page you give yourself a nice area for a focal point for your writing or if you chose a large image like something from a magazine or both.
And remember it is certainly okay to build page after page in your journal even if you don't write a single word. Because let's face it there is a sense of satisfaction one gets from playing with paper, paint and glue. Oh yea, and of course stamps. ; )  And that process itself, is an artistic expression that you should be proud of.  I hope this inspires someone out there, thanks for stopping by and please share this with your creative friends. 


  1. Gorgeous! As usual. Thanks for the instructions, too. I love your hand-carved stamps.

  2. Great pages...AND..great tips--thank you!!

  3. You definitely have your noticeable style, Autumn. You colors are always so vibrant and your stamps.. your stamps.. well I have not words for those.

  4. Thanks so very much, you guys are so generous with your comments.


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