Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabric Flower Brooches-DIY

Need a fabulous Mother's Day gift idea to make this weekend?  Well this beautiful fabric flower brooch is just the answer. This DIY gift is easy and economical and will delight any mother as she wears this on her clothing, pinned on a hat or tote. She could even secure it on a contour hair clip and wear it in her hair.  And the great part for you the crafter is this is quick and fun. 
scrap fabric-must be polyester or mostly polyester
needle & thread-matching
beads or pearl beads
pin backing
Quick Grab Tacky Glue
bucket of water
I started with a a white crinkle polyester blouse that I got at the Salvation Army.  After I cut it up I used two pieces and painted one piece to give it a two-tone  yellow orange color and another a soft yellow tint.  I simply did this with my Lumiere Paints and water. I will remember to give a how-to on this process later. But really you could use kind of poly fiber and even printed fabric. Look through you old clothing you might be surprised to find the perfect thing. I'v even used a old pair of pajamas.
Next you cut several random and varying sizes of circles and don't worry about making them perfect, imperfection is better. These will be your petals.
Then light your candle and lightly and very carefully holding one of the circles near the side of the flame to singe the edges of the petal circle.
Turning the circle to singe the whole piece. Work slowly and keep the piece moving. This step takes a bit of experimenting.  Careful not to burn yourself.  You may also try carefully holding the petal above the flame,  again
Also know that different fibers will singe easier than others. You could get a wrinkled egde too this makes for a nice petal.
 If it catches on fire simply dip it or drop it in your bucket of water.
 *** Be careful when doing this and never leave the candle burning unattended 

When you are finished, of course depending on your fabric it will somewhat look like this.
Do all your circle petals at one time and blow your candle out.
Starting with a large petal, stack them one on top of the other, starting with largest petals and stacking to the smallest. Then with your thread start from the underside and come up through the center of the cluster of petals and add beads. Secure each bead by stitching all the way through the stack of petals, finish underneath with a knot.  Next sew a pin clasp to a small circle of felt and finish it by gluing the felt circle to the back of the flower.

And there you have a beautiful fabric flower brooch. How easy was that?
 I hope this inspires you to make something special for you or your mother on
 Mother's Day. 
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  1. Those are so beautiful Autumn!

  2. Now, those are so neat. You do have a knack with fabric, my friend.

  3. This is just beautiful, I'm thinking of making some as hair accessories for my wedding, thank you :)


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