Friday, June 24, 2011

Collage Journal Therapy

Collage journal therapy is what I experience when I want to commemorate the ending of a project and release any leftover energy from this creation. 
After finishing up my first E-pattern for my Quilted Collage Journal,
 I reserved some scraps of the fabric I used when quilting the outside and the papers on the inside. I opened up a page in my Moleskine journal and collaged a journal page  for posterity. 
Of course, there were so many scraps and it only took a few to fill a journal page. Since I am always working on more than one journal at a time, this page also received a swash of paint from another journal page, and this was simply by unloading the residual paint left on the brush before cleaning it. 
..... this is a picture of the Quilted Collage Journal

The page started with the pink paint, and I knew that would be the right page, of my several working journals, to hold a collage of my Quilted Collage Journal remnants. I saved many pieces of fabric and paper I used in the creating of my tutorial. You can see the  paper strip on the left was stitched on, this was used to test certain stitches before committing them to the quilted cover, or elsewhere on pages. Using the left over gel medium that I had adhered all the remnants with, I unloaded that brush onto the top of some of the patterned paper to make transfers. You can see those adhered on the bottom right. Next came some gesso to balance the tone of the page. Moleskine's have a beige page that sometimes need covering up.  
I then added more accent color, green metallic acrylic ink, a journaling tag, stamping...of course, and then finished my words. Now I must say that with this being the last page in my Moleskine, it was showing the side effects of a well loved journal. The book block eventually gave away from the spine. I can fix that...... just another handy use for gel medium. All you collage artist know what I'm talking about.
Thanks for stopping by.  Remember I love comments and please follow for more great paper and fabric inspirations to come.
Have a great day!

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