Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pathway Pages from my Art Journal

A special thank you to all of you who have shown support with my new 
After realizing that we're halfway through the month and wanting to participate more in the Sketchbook Challenge, I got busy with their theme for June, "pathways".  I wanted some ideas to come organically and then looked back on some pages from earlier this month, then I noticed they were already along the theme of pathways.  Hmmm...thank you Universe. The above shot shows more of a hill side pathway. Below I was building a city scape with left over papers from the Quilted Collage Journal I had just finished. Accented with gouache and and a black watercolor pencil. I certainly created some pathways here.
Next is a page made from a scrap on far right, that came from an artisan bread I received as a gift and since I adore blues and browns. 
 Then I drew pathways of painted lines where my writing would go. When looking at this I noticed how my words on my journal pages always seem to create their own pathways. Painted or drawn lines give an easy landing place for words. Sometimes I fill the lines with large words or squeeze in many....all depending on what I have to say at the time.  
The next page below was stamped out with "pathways" in mind. I had a little leftover gesso another collage and decided to use it by stamping a pattern in a pathway along a blank page in one of my journals. This journal was made by my daughter as a Mother's Day gift and has many different types of paper in the binding. The page on the left is plain printer paper which is tricky to try to watercolor on, but after I stamped and clear embossed the paper dolls I played with purple watercolor. Sorry for the poor color of the pictures, the page on the left is lavender. You can refer to the above picture and you see the same lavender page on the right.
Okay, now I really have to apologize for this next shot, I didn't check the shot before moving on, but you get the idea. I simply painted swirly lines all along the horizon of the page in yellow gouache. 
Now you can see better, the way I created pathways with my words.

 I guess I have always been doing this with my journaling and I can't resist noticing the metaphor of 'writing pathways' of our lives. The paths we've been on, the paths we are on and the ones we are making. But I also appreciate the pathways created with my artistic journey.

BTW there a many very cool images on the Sketchbook 
Challenge Flickr.  Go see here


  1. Your pages are yummy... perfect to show on the first day of summer.. so bright and beautiful. I love, love, love that you go right for the bold colors.. no fear!!

  2. Thanks so much Judy,I try to mute colors too or go monochromatic but then I end up adding more bits of color.


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