Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome the First Day of Summer

I want to welcome in the first day summer for all you web friends out there. Since this is the 10th Anniversary of my  very own Summer Journal I wanted to be sure you know I am underway with the special 10th edition. I know I made one for my sample of my E-pattern the Quilted Collage Journal which you could easily make too. Or you could make it a garden journal, it's never too late. My personal one for my family is still in the works. Hey my goal is to have it finished when the kids are officially out of school and after this past winter that means next Monday. Geesh. But my promise to you visitors is to have images of it within days. So check back and in the mean time go see my Flickr for more Summer Journal ideas. Or you can see a few of my Summer Journals in Jane Davies' new book Adventures in Mixed Media: Collage, Stitch, Fuse, and Journal Your Way to a More Creative Life.....buy it here
Happy Summer!

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  1. I'm always excited to see a new post from you, Autumn. So fresh and colorful.


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