Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th, Playing Catch-Up

A bit late, but that's okay. We have had a busy week. I am still catching up on my Summer Journal.
This is what my family and I were doing Monday (all day) in Boston, which has 
THE GREATEST July 4th celebration in the country.
 Yes, we got there EARLY...don't ask.
We had amazing seats even though this looks far away, trust me we were close. So close we were getting texts from our friends saying they just say us on TV.
 If you ever decide to come to Boston for the Pops Spectacular, email me and I will give you the low-down. It really is worth it and what you see on TV is just a fraction of what goes on.
As we were leaving our teenage kids told us how much they loved doing this. Looks like we're coming back next year. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Thanks for stopping by and now I'm getting back to my Summer Journal.

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  1. I did watch it and I remember this exact moment when the streamers were behind the hat shell. You are brave to endure those crowds. Glad the family had fun.


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