Thursday, November 10, 2011

Felted Wool Strips Make Colorful Stripes For Fall

I do love wool and here it is fall and I am normally rug hooking some kind of primitive
something or another. But, this year I have no time to get busy hooking
anything warm and homespun. However, I just couldn't ignore my 
many piles of felted wool strips that 
I use to hook with that were beckoning me. 
I decided to answer the call and create something with them
that was fast and beautiful.
Wool Strips cards
After pilfering through my many piles of wool strips and putting
together colors that satisfied my fall aspirations I pulled out my sewing machine, grabbed some 
card stock and created some colorful and primitive cards.

But my real yearning was to make a pillow from this very simple method.
I made one for a gift and loved it so much I made one for myself.
Did I say simple? !!
Stitching  the strips on a natural linen fabric, one after the other.
Random, effortless and I changed the thread occasionally for more color.
What could be easier and with such cheerful, warm and cozy results?
Wool Strips Pillow 5
When I cut my wool, I don't worry about keeping the widths consistent. 
The more primitive the better which is more my casual style when it comes to wool.
Wool Strips Pillow 3

Wool Strips Pillow 2

Wool Strips Pillow 1
My wool collection is from various sources....I love to get recycled, 100% wool, from old clothes and over dye them. Spot dying and ‘stewing’ assorted wools together is another fun way to make new colors. I also use new,  white mill wool and dye them with Cushings Perfection acid dyes.
 My process for dying these wools varies, depending on my mood and desired colors.
No matter what method I choose, I am always so delighted that I  have created some marvelous colors,
 of lovely warm felted wool.

Cards made of wool strips

Wool Strips Card
So even if this fall passes by without any of my rug hooking dreams manifesting, 
I will still have indulged my wool passion. 


  1. I just love the colors.. I love stripes,checks.. all of them. Fall is on top of us and I can't believe that Thanksgiving right here.

  2. Thank you Judy, Yes Thanksgiving is upon and the you know what comes next!!

  3. i love your art. i'm loving your pinboards on pinterest too!!! thanks for bringing such life to art and fabric.

  4. Thanks so much for such a nice comment Elizabeth! I so appreciate it.


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