Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quilted Tissue Paper

Recently, I had to wrap a present for a gift I was giving to a friend.
I impulsively grabbed some tissue paper and folded it in half. 
Next I picked up one of my hand carved stamps and some 
pretty pale violet dye ink and started stamping.
Knowing that this was just play, I let myself experiment, explore and see what developed.
When the piece of tissue was covered with my stamping it looked so pretty how
the ink soaked into the paper and gave it such a soft water colored look.
Quilted Tissue Paper

Quilted Tissue Paper1
I decided that if it was to be used for 
gift wrap then maybe I should reinforce it by stitching all over it in a quilting manner.
I added an extra piece of tissue paper inside the fold and went to my sewing machine.
I used a straight stitches and ziz-zag stitches in a grid pattern.
Quilted Tissue paper2
It turned out unique and pretty.
Quilted Tissue Paper! What a great idea for the holidays.


  1. This is a great idea, and I love the soft variations in the pattern. The stitching is a nice finishing touch

  2. Ohhh.. purdy.. I love this look .. great idea!!


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