Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Freebie Week 25 of Collage Clip Art

Here is my
Week 25 of Free Collage Elements.
If you are getting Ready for Valentine's Day and want some fun heart themed collage elements to create and play with, this is for you.  I created this design with one of my hand carved stamps using gesso to stamp out my  heart design. When that was dry I water colored the paper. No it was not watercolor paper, I think it was a large blank index card. 
To digitally play around with this Collage Element
paired with this past Collage Element freebie, I opened up Photoshop and started pressed buttons.
Basically, I layered the two elements, but first.... On the one with the grid I removed the color, then used the photocopy filter to make it look more distressed and then colorized it to the red, then moved it to an Overlay on the the heart Collage Element. And here is another Photoshop effect.
This one is simply the grid Collage Element with a slight hue adjustment then I moved it to "overlay" on top of the hearts collage element with the opacity adjusted to the right level.
These make great collage papers.
I hope you are inspired. Thanks so much for stopping by. 
I appreciate comments and of course followers.

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  1. How beautiful and perfect for Valentine's Day. Fun outcome.


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