Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog Giveaway, Free, Collage Element Week 22

Hi there bloggers. Today I have week 22 of my free clip art blog giveaway.
 That's right week TWENTY-TWO!
That means 22 free clip-art giveaways.
I will have a sidebar up soon with a complete page with all of the Free clip art assembled. 
Due to my current love for the Japanese washi tape I received an order from another Etsy shop today and  decided to create a simple "collage element" for my weekly giveaway.
I collaged this piece on an index card. I guess you cannot really see
 the lines underneath as I was hoping. 
But I thought it would be a simple and usable element for any collage lovers and of course scrappers.
This would be perfect for a many applications. 
Here, I added some numbers in Photoshop. It makes for a great element 
to make a list of things you love,  
or your favorite events of the day. 
It would  also be ideal for scrapbooking. And, of course you could double or triple  the image and make many more rows.  Anyway, I am certainly feeling the simplicity of the style. You gotta love the washi tape....I know I certainly do.

For personal use clip-art,
To download this image..... which I created using my
own hand carved stamps...thank you very much....
 simply right click on the
image and click "save as" in your computer.

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