Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Freebie Blog Giveaway, Hand Carved Stamp Design

Sail effortlessly6
Happy Friday everyone. I don't know about you but I am certainly glad it is here.
This week I got to another carved stamp, a simple design but as with all my carved stamps....I love it.
Jan carved element
Here is how I started. First sketched the design on a piece of grid tracing paper. Next burnish the tracing of the image onto the rubber. Then carve. EASY and relaxing. I love doing this.
Jan carved element2
Jan carved element1
This simple design looks like playful floating pillows when stamped in a row. So this is my Week 24 of  Free Collage Clip Art.
Naturally, this stamp was worked into one of my journal pages. Since I wasn't much for journaling while working on this page I simply included one of my favorite quotes. This is a great way to build a page without spilling your innermost thoughts or recapping the recent events.
Here are more of the pictures. I hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you wish and certainly feel free to share.
Sail effortlessly6
Sail effortlessly3


  1. Beautiful pages, love your new stamp and the fab stitching.

  2. I discovered your work recently in Jane Davies'book, and i love love love your work!!Your colors are a delight and your blog an eye candy!Thanks for sharing !

  3. Netty and Rieko, thanks so much for the nice comments. You made my day :D


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