Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art Journal Page, Gesso and Stamped in Watercolor

I like taking pictures of my journal pages while I am in the process of building the pages.
 Well at least by the time they have a story to tell. This two and a half pages started because I need to strengthen the lightweight text paper used in this hand made book. My son made the book for me and was using many different types of paper and card stock, including copier paper. Now don't get any big ideas about me crafting with my kids. He made this journal under slight direst and strict orders from me....ahhhhemm. It was Mother's Day,  otherwise he wouldn't have bothered.
By adding a coat of gesso and folding vertically and gluing  one of the pages to create a half page, the pages became stronger. Next, I used my stamps to create some watercolor imagery all over, I added a large graphic A and stamped a word on the flip side of the half page, a word that felt right at the time. Replenish.  
Art Journal page - A - replenish            

Art Journal page - replenish  

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