Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stamping Pattern Design

I wanted to share a design I created using a stamp I carved awhile ago and never use it, but I do like it. It caught my eye the other day in the studio and I decided to spend some time in my stamping playground and create patterned paper. The colors were the marmalade Distress ink from Ranger and a red Marvy marker. 
I created a high yield from my inked stamp, each and every time. Here is the process.
First ink the whole stamp with the orange ink then with the red marker make accent marks inside the leaves. Remember this technique is best to start with the lighter color ink first.
Stamp the image in my sketchbook. You can see I used a heavy hand with the red marker and other times I did not, both are nice effects. 
Then I use the residual ink to stamp on a separate piece of paper resulting in a soft shadowy pattern (below).
 Another way to create a secondary pattern is to mist the left over ink and then stamp in on a separate piece of paper. I creates a brighter bolder secondary image.

Let's recap now.... this is the simple process:
1. stamp in full color
2. stamp secondary pattern with leftover ink
or misted leftover ink. Or maybe both ;)

I used some wonderful washi tape to attach the patterns into my sketchbook. A great way to design your own stamped pattern papers.


  1. Nice stamp Autumn. Clean and simple.

  2. Thanks for visiting, I do like the simplistic feel of this design.


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