Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stamping Playground = Happiness

I love having time to just stamp and create more stamps and more designs. This flower was a very quick rough cut carve from substandard rubber that I had left over which crumbles easily and is difficult to carve. That being stated, I didn't spend much time on the stamp itself.  I do like the water colored image it  looks pretty cool, or pretty and cool. Just sayin.
Here is a star burst square design that I used with Ranger Butterscotch Adirondack dye ink on watercolor paper.
Then I brushed the whole thing with water to fill the color in all over the page. 
Carving more stamps and creating more designs. I like this small medallion stamp.
This next design, I am not crazy about but the process was is all that matters, right? 
 Here is my sketchbook with some pattern designs. You may notice the bottom blue pattern from Free Collage Elements Clip-art from this blog. 
I have always loved blue and peach together. These colors work for me. 

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