Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dancing Patterns in Cool Colors

*do not adjust your monitor.
Several weeks ago I was playing around with one of my favorite stamps along with some of my favorite colors of gouache. I stamped and double stamped this design in the cool hues of sage and sky blue.
My goal was to make a collection of cards for my friends who were celebrating the marriage. Even though they celebrated last month, yestrday they headed to the J.O.P. to make it official. 
So congratulations Roberto and Clara!
Today seems fitting to share this with you.
Here is what I started with and next you see what I ended up creating.
After stamping these soothing colors several times all over a sheet of card stock and also trying out a few other motifs. I decided on this design medallion to make the cards.
Here is a finished, I must say that although I am not sure how or why, the digital picture of these cards does not register well. In person they are much prettier and less confusing for the eye. Please take my word for it. And, yes I did stamp the envelopes.  
Even though the happy couple didn't want any gifts it just seemed fitting to give some paper lovelies to the Bride. 
Congrats to Roberto and Clara, even though it took you thirty years to reconnect and make this happen, I am sure it is even sweeter now. 

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