Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freebie Week 31, Purple Collage - Sharing A Favorite With You

With this week's Free Collage Elements I am sharing one of my all time favorite original collages using one of my very pretty hand carved stamps.

The purple baroque scroll pattern is an old stamp I rarely use probably because it is hidden under a growing collection of my carved stamps. I actually made this collage about seven years ago and I still really love it. That's not something I can say about all my creations. :/
So, please enjoy this lovely yummy purple collage. It think it would make gorgeous background paper in an art journal or scrapbook. As a matter of fact, I think I will print it out and use in my art journal.
 purple is my favorite color, I make no apologies. You might have noticed by looking back at some of my other Collage Elements I have given away.
Thanks for stopping by and please, if you use any of these free Collage Elements, I would love to see pictures of your work/play.

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  1. Autumn.. you love purple like I love teal/turquoise.. It's evident in our work... love this stamp.


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