Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Journal Page Using Frisket

I decided to pull out an art supply that I haven't used in a long time. Frisket is a masking film that is used for stenciling and air brushing. It comes in sheets or rolls and it also comes in a liquid form called masking fluid that is used by water colorist and other artist.
The film has a slightly tacky side that gently adheres to the surface and stays in tack while building up color on the page. When easily removed it reveals a pattern where the mask was and the colorant was not. I sketched on the paper side of this film before pulling away and separating the two pieces to use the clear film as a mask. I had randomly drawn out a design similar to two of my carved stamps.
Here is an up close of the frisket paper backing and the film after I used it.
It is an easy and creative way to play using inks and sponges to make imagery. After applying enough ink and removing the film you get these contrasting designs on your paper. Next of course,  Stamping!! I stamped the stamps inside the masked design patterns. 
Using frisket film is a unique way to create pattern design and by all means another great tool for art journaling.

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