Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter, Week 35 Blog Freebie, Collage Elements

Decorated Eggs for Easter.
Here for your art journals or card crafting are some colorful stamped eggs.
I stamped these and cut them out. When I scanned them I used a velum grid paper over a dictionary text, you may see these faint backgrounds when you enlarge this clip art. You can either cut out the eggs or alter the background in Photoshop such as pouring a paint bucket over the background and see what happens....adjust the opacity when doing this.
Digital or paper collage either way it would be fun to play with these decorated eggs.
I am wishing all you blog visitors a bright, healthy,  and colorful Easter and Passover weekend. 

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

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