Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stamping with Gouache

Hi visitors....Here is a sampling of my work with gouache and of course this process is done are in my art journals.
Art Journaling, gouache
This background was created with gouache, ink and stamped with gouache as well.
Art Journal Gouache
Also some bits of washi tape.
gouache 101 (29)
Here I stamped on dark rich blue Bazzill card stock which is textured. You can see the texture of the card stock.
Stamping with Gouache
Even stamping a detail image like this little door shows up on a dark background.
Next I used a dark olive background with some accents of orange dry brushed on the page, then I stamped with red and a bit of turquoise. 
gouache stamping in art journal
Stamping with gouache on a olive with white polka dot background paper and on top some collaged items on the page. 
art journal, gouache stamping


  1. The left side of the first picture looks like draped fabric. You world is so colorful, Autumn. Love it.

  2. Oh thanks so much Judy, I just love moving color around on the pages.

  3. I love the atmosphere you create in your pages !!Love your colors too!
    Beautiful pages!Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Reiko, I appreciate your is great fun for me.


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