Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Field Guide to Fabric Design helped me make this Watery Blue Repeat Pattern, Stamped Design

Blue Repeat quad 
Recently, I read and absolutely LOVED Kim Kight's new book A Field Guide to Fabric Design.

 It is full of fabric design how to and it covers everything from design fundamentals to design motif styles to digital printing. Every segment and chapter in this book was interesting and relevant 
with bonuses thrown in such as Designer Roundtables. These Roundtables have quotes and interviews from established designers on various subjects like Trends and You, Favorite Tools and more.  Also, many tutorials such as designing repeats by hand and in Photoshop. 

 Since I love stamping and making pattern surface designs with my hand carved stamps, I decided to try creating my own handmade repeat pattern. I started with a 5x7" index card but challenged myself by designing with a two step process; painted background with stamped imagery on top.
With the technique you must cut up your canvas into equal quarters and then arrange them in several different configurations to finish creating the design. Actually, this confused me if I gave it too much thought so, I decided to just jump right in and create the darned thing and see how it goes. With Kight's book in hand and binder clipped open to page 35, Square Repeat I started the design. Now, my canvas was not square but the same principal applies to rectangles in this process. And it does require a lot of focus and attention as you work through the process of changing the configurations, so thank goodness for the book to help me through. 
Below is my index card after I finished the whole process and reattached the quadrants back into their original order. It is certainly is a bit tricky doing this evenly but a whole lot of fun anyway. 
The very top image is the repeat after I scanned it and repeated in Photoshop with a ton of alterations. ;) Even with those alterations you can still see some seams. Oh well, I am happy with it and I think it turned out rather pretty and I like the movement of the design pattern.  
This whole process is fun (I think I mentioned that before) however somewhat challenging it requires a bit of a learning curve. Regardless, I am certainly intrigued and want to practice more of these types of designs as well as in Photoshop.
If you are interested in creating your own fabrics get Kim Kight's book, there are even  tutorials on screen printing and block printing. And by all means checkout her blog TrueUp, especially if you love fabric and who doesn't?  Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think.


  1. This certainly shows you put a LOT of work into it, as the results are stunning. I'm each time you do this process will get much easier.

  2. I know, for such a small piece it took some time. Thanks Judy your are the best.

  3. Thanks Michelle. Judy, I meant to say you are the best. ;D


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