Monday, July 23, 2012

Pattern Design, Stamping on Gouache

I absolutely love stamping out designs with my hand carved stamps to create surface patterns. Here is a unique style of stamping I came up with while having some creative time and wanted to share with you. The technique involves stamping on a white background of gouache. Very simple and the results are so rich and somewhat softer than you are used to seeing in stamped imagery.
My ingredients: White Titanium gouache and Distress Ink, Broken China. 
 That's it, oh yes, water and paper. 
 My utensils: a paint brush and a Q-tip. 
First, give the paper an even coat of the gouache, you will need to add a bit of water to the paint to make it more manageable to spread on the paper. Let that dry and stamp an image such as this flower that has some negative space using the ink.
The boldness of this stamp makes it an quick and easy design.
Stamp the image with the ink and let dry, which it will do quickly due to the nature of the gouache. You can see my stamped images were not really impressed evenly, and that is okay. 

Now using a Q-tip dip it in water lightly and dab off a bit because it should not be too watery. Next rub the wet Q-tip into the ink inside the stamped image. It smooths and spreads the ink into the white gouache giving it a painterly look or maybe even a pastel look. 
With this particular design I stayed inside the lines and worked inside the flower petals. Of course you could try anything. Which is what creative play time is all about, trying out different things.

Another idea I explored, was using Fantastix to add some other colored inks to replace the water & Q-tip creating other color ways.  It is not as even, but I am sure with some practice I could produce many more nice results.  Or try a WaterBrush, hmmm,  more options.
 I hope you find some time today to get creative. Thanks so much for stopping by. Check back I much more 


  1. Nice new technique, Autumn. You might like my post, about listing new techniques, at Self Marketing Today:

  2. Beeeuuuteeeous. It reminds me of a section of vintage wallpaper.

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