Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Perfect Gift, Hand Carved Stamps

As my daughter headed off to drama camp for three weeks she wanted to take a nice birthday gift for her bestie who celebrates her birthday while a matter of fact her birthday is today.
So, since she likes to write letters and make things we decided that she needed her own little set of hand carved stamps complete with a name stamp. I decided to mount the carved stamps (and some were tiny) on some wooden blocks for easier use. I think they turned out quite nice.  My daughter got a set of cards and envelopes from Paper Source and we purchased this set of  Color Box dye inks for her to use. These small little stacked  ink pads are called Cat's Eyes and she will be able to have a small color collection and the ink travel well. ;-).
The stamps have some residual black ink left from stamping the index on the wood, they have bee cleaned very well here and actually stamp clean.....
Of course, I had to stamp out a sweet name label to enclose in the gift set. I used a journaling tag from Creative Imaginations, called Journaler's Notebook designed by Karen Russell. I could not find a link or image to share with you.  Sorry, I am remiss in offering up a photo myself.  Anyway... I masked off the border and stamped away with pink flowers and more. I think the Eiffel tower is adorable and it is appropriate for Rachel. 
So Happy Birthday Rachel, I know Rosemary is delighted to again share this day with you while you both share the magic of camp.
ahh....I love stamping.


  1. So gosh darn cute. What a GREAT gift. Love it.. and what you did with that design. Never ending.

  2. Beautiful! Nice little stamps. Love your multicolors.

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