Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video Part 2, Book from Blotter Pad Paper, Art Studio

Hi there Bloggers, well here is the second part of my video showing how to make a book from the papers collected from you art table paper scraps. Please let me hear from you and share with your creative friends. Thanks for watching. 


  1. Autumn... this book is fantastic. What a bunch of beautiful, fun and inspiring pages.

  2. Thanks so much Judy, it was so much fun to make.

  3. You are so cute!! I loved watching both of your videos dealing with the coming together of this book. I too save my blotter paper pages and have been using mine as art papers for my collage work. I love the idea of the spiral bound book and using it to create a book in itself later! super idea!! I think I will give this a go and us it as my next junk journal. (I save scraps and images of everything! and love to stick them in one messy squishy colorful place and this would be perfect a perfect grounded place for that to happen). Long winded this morning, sorry.
    I am bookmarking your blog after I peruse it some more and can't wait to see more of your wonderful creative spirit! thank you for sharing !!

  4. Thank you Dawn, You are very sweet to leave such kind words. I am so glad to inspire you to make a book of your own really is fun and keeps everything neat and orderly....even if the art work isn't. lol. thanks again Dawn you made my day.


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