Monday, August 20, 2012

Art Journal Pages

Random art journal pages. Yes lots of designers gouache, my own hand carved stamps along with inks.

I didn't have much to write about here and didn't want to give my attention to the little mind monkeys so I just wrote "Paint & Color, that is all I need to think about right now" and it worked. 

This page spread is from the stamps I carved for a gift...see the post here

The little Eiffel tower stamp turned out so cute. Above is my original sketch then I drew a smaller version to use for the carved the stamp,


  1. Autumn.. just testing your blog for easy comments. I think it worked.

  2. "Little mind monkeys"...ha ha.
    Love the pages but they look more like complete works of art to me than art journal pages. You r-o-c-k Autumn!
    Sue Clarke

  3. Thanks so very much Judy, I really appreciate your help. Sue, you are so sweet. :D

  4. Wonderful, WONDERFUL. I love your pages and your stamps!

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