Friday, December 7, 2012

Fiber Christmas Tree Cards

Hi there bloggers, if you are looking for an easy, fun and fiber style holiday card to make this season...well, this may be just for you.
I made this set of tree cards with cotton batting, wool felt and some sticks from my yard. cute is this?
On a light blue textured card apply a piece of cotton batting, (this is Warm and Natural brand) that I tore to create an uneven edge. I glued it down with a light layer of white tacky glue and trimmed the edges.
With some 100% wool felt squares I purchased online at Erica's, they have a huge selection of colors. I like this heathered color of green and I like using wool felt instead of polyester it is so much better, my opinion.
So, I applied some fusible web to the felt squares and cut them into random triangles with pinking shears and ironed them onto each card. Then I finished them with small sticks that I split in half lengthwise so they would lye flat  when glued to the card with tacky glue. 
This is the perfect card making project for kids. Not my kids of course, they do the exaggerated eye roll when I say "Let's make something."  Anyway this design has many more embellishment ideas. 
You could use a darker color card for a night time effect. Or splatter white paint on top of the finished card for a snow fall look. And of course, you could decorate the trees with sequins, glitter, beads or embroider french knots on the tress before you adhere them. 
I hope you are inspired. Thanks for stopping by.

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