Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hand Carved Stamps Using Various Materials

I had some quick carve time today and wanted to share with you. First is a chevron stamp I carved from Speedy Carve by Speedball. My favorite carving medium because it is so durable. I mean like forever. It doesn't crumble or break.
chevron hand carved stamps
chevron hand carved stamp
Then I used Speedy-Cut Easy by Speedball, a blue material that does crumble a bit and the carved edges are rough but I like that about this material. It gave me some uneven polka dots.
polka dot hand carved stamp
Finally using an older material I got at Dick Blick awhile back, that is so crumbly and breakable it is ridiculous. However it does give me a quick and easy grungy stamp look. BTW, this material is no longer available. But I suggest trying Speedball Speedy-Cut carving blocks to get this effect, not as crumbly though which is a good thing for controlling the carved image.
I really like how this rough chevron turned out.
chevron hand carved stamp
chevron hand carved stamp
chevron hand carved stamp
These stamps will definitely be making their impressions in my journals. Stay tuned.

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