Monday, February 18, 2013

Post Office Project with Jane Davies

My friend and talented collage artist Jane Davies (you know... the one who was so sweet to include me in not one but two of her books, see them here) has a put together a project for a very worthy cause.We are not saving lives here people but this is worth participating in the fun.

 Jane is hoping to save her local post office from being shut down due to the small size and lack of mail volume. See her blog post about it here. Yes, it is very small.  Now, I have been to Jane's house in the darling little town of Rupert, Vermont and this post office is so adorable and just a few doors down from her house. It is quintessential small country town and the likes of these towns are not common. Besides the sheer minuscule size of this post office is so unusual that it should be saved for posterity. So, it is not hard to choose to participate in supporting keeping Jane's town post office open. Plus, a postcard project is fun and creative.   
Post card project  (20)
These are my postcards that I sent to Jane's post office in Rupert, Vermont. I following her video idea about making these for postcards from a 8x12" sheet of paper. Check out her process here
This is how mine started. Using Canson watercolor paper and you know.....gouache. Of course. this is a great way to make postcards

Post card project  (3)
I stamped all over and then some...
Post card project  (7)

Post card project  (11) the finished sheet

Post card project  (10)

Post card project  (8)

Then started adding some random black and white lines like she suggests in her video
Post card project  (14)
Mine didn't turn out as well as her's did in the tutorial, but that's okay.

Post card project  (16)
But at some point I had to just finish it. 
Post card project  (12) adding some lines like Jane advises here
Then they were ready to be cut up into quadrants for mailing. 
Post card project  (20) The finished cards
She started a Facebook page to post the avalanche of postcards that are pouring in all over the country. She sent me an email and said she was overwhelmed but that it was "fantastic".  I love looking at all the art work on these postcards, there is some tremendous pieces. I can't wait to see more.
 I hope you get a chance to drop a post card in the mail to: 
Jane Davies
P.O. Box 45
Rupert, Vermont 05768

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  1. So are we making post cards and mailing them there so as to "prove" that her post office has mail?
    Sounds like fun!
    Sue Clarke


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