Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well, now that March is here I can share with you my latest source of pride for my hand carved stamp artwork. 
Somerset Studio said yes
This was a good mail month. I was absolutely thrilled to have my stamped artwork published in Somerset Studio with the fabulous Cori Dantini featured on the cover...I adore her illustrations, who doesn't? Cori uses a collage approach by illustrating on old text papers. Her characters are so heart warming and give you an easy sense of understanding the story. I have loved her work for many years and delighted to say I am published in the Somerset Studio with Cori Dantini on the cover. Here is a great interview  Cori did with Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women. 
Somerset Studio said yes
Here is an up close look of my piece that is published. 
Somerset Studio March/April 2013
A whimsical paper doll collage, using solely my hand carved stamps. 
I also received in the mail a post card from Jane Davies who is doing what she can, to save her tiny local post office in Vermont. See all about this here. She sent me one of her original collages postcard size. 
Feb mail (6)
This mini mail art collage is so Jane and I just love looking at it, especially up close, it is so organic. Thanks Jane! 
And, thanks to Somerset Studio. 
Go buy Somerset Studio March/April 2013 edition, it is full of really great features.


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