Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stamping an Ornamental Pattern

Here is a look at the paper I stamped out for my Blotter Pad Book cover.
Stamping an Ornamental Pattern
Using my own hand carved stamp, a piece of over sized Post-it paper and Cherry ink by Marvy.
Well I stamped away, something I LOVE doing. Stamping...ahh so much fun. I so enjoy the simple process of stamping out patterns, it's definitely zen like for me.
Stamping an Ornamental Pattern
Pardon the tiny bit of blur in the pictures but the color is what I want to highlight,  as well as the movement of the pattern as it goes across the paper. 
Stamping an Ornamental Pattern
Try this out and play with it a bit on some scratch paper.
If you try this you will find that allowing for the lighter shades of the same color to be stamped adds different values. Two ways to do this is to 1. stamp off a second time after the first stamp 2. lightly ink stamp.
As always and every time use a blotter pad to save all the extra stamped images for future collage.
Have fun and let me hear from you.
Oh yes,  here is a look at the paper made into a book
Art Blotter Pad Book

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